«Information Technologies Media Group», LLC

Our company develops and implements system automation solutions in the media industry. Similar to many IT projects, we started with a task which could not be accomplished with what the market had to offer.In 2007, a professional team of TV production automation experts were assigned to find an MAM system for the Belarus National Television. After an extensive market research for the software that would meet the customer’s requirements, the team found out that it would be much easier to develop demanded system from the scratch instead of “fine tuning” products available on the market. Six months later a one-of-a-kind MAM system has been developed and later became a base for the foundation of a new company iGroup and a whole range of relying products.Our company has been established in April 2009 by an ambitious team of like-minded individuals who brought over ten years of professional experience to the media industry. We began operation in September 2009 with the signing of the first contract and launch of the first version of our own product for demonstration.Migration to tapeless technology becomes now the first option to survive for media companies. If you want to succeed, show efficient and progressive operation based on automated hi-tech technologies.

Meet The Team

George Vernikovskiy

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CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Andrei Malitski

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CSA, Chief Software Architect